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Our Microblading technique at That PMU Place is different from regular microblading. It is a technique learned from a master of Phi Brows, using a finer nano blade than the standard microblading blade. This allows us to create the most natural-looking eyebrows with a crisp and non-artificial appearance.

You may have seen eyebrows turning red or ashy over time after microblading. However, our microblading uses pigments from Phi Brows, known for being the number one high-quality brand worldwide. These pigments ensure that the color of your eyebrows will not fade into ash or red over time, it will naturally lighten.

Poor artist techniques and low-quality pigments can be reasons for color distortion mentioned above. To achieve the best and most natural-looking results without color distortion over time, it is recommended to have your microblading done at That PMU Place.

Microblading otherwise known as the hair simulation technique, following into your own natural hair pattern and creating the most natural brows possible. It's great to people with some hair and that will give you a fuller, more defines. For Normal to Dry skin type. NOT recommended for combination to oily skin type.

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