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Eyebrows / Eyeliner


Microblading otherwise known as the hair simulation technique, following into your own natural hair pattern and creating the most natural brows possible. It's great to people with some hair and that will give you a fuller, more defines. For Normal to Dry skin type. NOT recommended for combination to oily skin type.

Soft Powder Brows are a type of permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo that creates a soft, powdery look for the eyebrows. This look is achieved by using a very fine needle to deposit pigment into the skin, creating tiny dots that mimic the look of powdery eyeshadow. The result is a natural-looking, soft brow that can be customized to any desired shape.

Combo Brows are combined technique of the Microblading + Powder shading to achieve definition. Perfect for clients who have less hair and all skin types.

Correctional Brows are brows that have previous work done by another artist. Ombre powder technique will be used to cover up old tattoo work. Correctional brows require more time and technique due to possible scar tissue and pigment build up.

Please submit the following info to:

  • Full name

  • Please mention that you are submitting photos for “BROW CORRECTION APPROVAL

  • 3 PHOTOS (NO makeup / NO filters)-head turned slightly left, right, and straight forward or text 213-282-2821 for approval BEFORE booking. (Old tattoo must be faded 70% -80%)


This thin eyeliner can bring out more beautiful, defined eye by opening or lifting the eye.

Recommended for those who are allergic to conventional makeup and for those wearing contact lenses. Wake up beautiful eyes every morning.

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